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Blue Underground Studios has been publishing quilt patterns since 2005. Our mission is to publish quilt patterns that are clear and innovative allowing all quilters, no matter their skill level, to make fantastic looking quilts. We have a wide variety of contemporary and traditional quilt patterns available. All of our patterns are designed with today’s busy quilter in mind. Our instructions have been tested by local quilters for accuracy and clarity. They include tips for efficient cutting, sewing and finishing your quilt. Blue Underground Studios patterns also make ideal class material.

Our Designers

 Amy Walsh

As a junior high history teacher, Amy spent many evenings, weekends and summers sewing quilts together. Quilting professionally seemed like the natural next step when she left teaching to spend more time with her husband, a Chicago stagehand. She worked as a longarm quilter for two years before establishing Blue Underground Studios, Inc. with Janine.

Christy Marnell

Christy has been piecing for many years and recently began longarm quilting professionally.  Christy began designing for Blue Underground Studios in 2006.  Gum Drops was her first ever pattern to be published. 

Connie Pomering

Connie’s quilts have been celebrated locally for many years. Her use of fabrics, colors and textures has inspired many quilters in the Chicagoland area. An avid teacher, Connie often uses her own designs as class material. Blue Underground Studios is pleased to offer some of these designs.

Janine Burke

Janine has been quilting professionally for many years (she sold her first quilt at the age of 12). Her love of fabrics, their colors and textures, inspires her to create her own designs. Janine worked as a longarm quilter for 3 years before starting Blue Underground Studios, Inc. with Amy.

Jeanette Lone

In addition to Jeanette’s love of quilting, she also makes scrub hats for OR nurses! She finds time to quilt in between her responsibilities of being an army wife and mother of two teenage boys. She and her family have lived in Germany, Virginia Beach, and Hawaii. They currently reside in Kentucky.

Traci Pahl

Traci pieced her first quilt in 1992. She took her first quilt class in 2000. Traci loves the freedom of expression that comes with quilting. A mother of two, she makes the time to quilt, finding it theraputic. She also loves the reaction her quilts get from family and friends.

Stephanie Sheffield

When she’s not singing, Stephanie can be found designing her own purses, handbags and quilts!  She combines her love of fabrics and travel to make some of her original designs.

Robin Werner

Robin Werner is a quilter, designer, and shop owner exraordinaire from Dysart, Iowa.  She started quilting in the late 1980′s and enjoys the color and tactile qualities of fabrics.  Her personal motto is:  Sew Domestic – Sew Creative – Sew Happy!  Visit her shop online at www.isabelleoriginals.com.


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