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June 26, 2017

Baker Street is the second of the two new pattern releases at Spring Quilt Market this year.

I was inspired to make this pattern last year while I was teaching on a Quilting Cruise sponsored by Stitchin’ Heaven.  We docked at a few places in the Caribbean including St. Thomas and St. Maarten. My husband Sean was with me, and whenever we travel we try to get to the oldest section of town if we can because we are both history lovers. In addition, I love old architecture, roads, and sidewalks for their excellent sources of inspiration.  On this trip, I kept looking down.  There were so many interesting brick patterns and parts of the road looked so old!

Here is a picture of the brick street that inspired my Baker Street pattern.

I also knew that the name of this pattern was going to have a reference to a street or a road somehow.  I toyed around with a few of my favorite streets in Chicago….State Street, Lake Shore Drive, Michigan Ave….but none of these were grabbing me as the right name for this design.  Finally, as I was picking fabrics for this quilt, I found a collection called Bake Shop by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller fabrics. The colors of this line went great with some of the Cotton and Steel prints I had already chosen.  And the some of the prints were just adorable – especially the one with little cakes and macaroons on stands.  After pulling a selection of these prints, it hit me that Baker Street should be the name!  Baker Street has a double meaning for me.  It is the street where Sherlock Holmes lived and I have spent many a happy afternoon reading or watching a Sherlock Holmes mystery.  And with these fabrics, it is also the street that the Baker is on!  I happen to love a good cake, so this double meaning makes me very happy :).

Because I seem to have at least 20 UFO’s going at any given time, I already have three more of these quilts started.  (If I’m honest, starting a new quilt is one of my favorite steps in the entire quilt making process).  As is the case with so many patterns, the look can be totally different based on the colors and fabrics used.  I so love experimenting!


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