Crown Jewels

June 8, 2017


Crown Jewels is one of two new patterns I released in St. Louis at Spring Market.  This is the cover quilt – It’s made with textured solids by Frond Design Studios.

I’ve wanted to make what I call a “cross” quilt for a long time.  The inspiration started several years ago in a Starbucks coffee shop where I happened to buy a KIND granola bar with my latte quite on a whim.  At that time, the wrapper had a strip of color and pattern on both ends. This particular bar had multiple rows of little white crosses on a red background. I actually saved that wrapper for some future quilt inspiration and in the meantime I looked all over for quilts that had a similar pattern.  The design I ended up with is kind of a “hidden” cross quilt. Depending on how the fabrics and colors are arranged, the cross pattern can be immediately distinguishable or not!



Market Recap

May 29, 2017

I can’t believe it was a week ago today that I was standing in my booth at quilt market on the last day! And it was over a week ago that my mom and Sean and I piled into a minivan and drove to St. Louis.  What a great weekend! This past market was the first I had exhibited at in a few years, and I am pleased to say that it was so much fun to be back.  There is something so energizing about being in a convention center that is filled entirely with quilty people.  It’s not only inspiring, but validating as well.



Elizabeth’s Quilt

May 15, 2017

Whenever I make a quilt for someone, I try to use fabrics that I think they will like, of course.  I also try to use fabrics that will be meaningful to them in some way.  I recently finished the In and Out sample I mentioned in my last post.  I wasn’t planning on giving this quilt to my daughter Elizabeth (although most of the quilts in our house are fair game to both of my daughters!) when I started it. But when I spread it out on the floor to cut it down for the binding, she jumped on it and said “Oh mama!  I LOVE this whale fabric!  Is this quilt for me??”



In and Out

April 11, 2017

My first pattern for Blue Underground Studios is/was called In and Out. This year, that pattern is eleven years old. Eleven. I have to say it multiple times to even believe it. Things have changed so much since I published the first copy of this pattern! I had two children. I went from having one nephew to having nine nieces and nephews with three on the way. I went back to teaching history. I started teaching art. I quit teaching history and kept teaching art. We’re on our third president since then, and the Cubs won the World Series!



Hometown Inspiration

April 4, 2017

Thanks to my husband, I am lucky enough to have a beautiful sewing studio in our basement, where I spend most days sewing, writing, and wreaking all sorts of creative havoc with my two daughters.  I love my sewing studio.  It is a place where I can retreat to alone, or have a group of friends over to keep me company while I sew.  Sometimes, however, I need some inspiration that I can’t find in my fabric bins.  One of my favorite things to do in this case is to take a trip downtown.




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