Stars and Stripes

July 4, 2017

I know that there are people out there who are really good at thinking ahead.  I used to be one of these people. For example, there was a time when I would Christmas shop all year long, and then relish the fact that I had plenty of time to bake Christmas cookies in December and make a few decorations because my shopping was finished!  Sadly, there has been a shift in my life and I am no longer that type of person.  I’m sure that the time is not going any faster but boy, it sure seems like it!  Now, inspiration to do something holidy-ish usually comes at the same time as said holiday.

So I was not surprised when I woke up yesterday morning with a sudden urge to make a Fourth of July table runner for my mother.  (more…)


Baker Street

June 26, 2017

Baker Street is the second of the two new pattern releases at Spring Quilt Market this year.

I was inspired to make this pattern last year while I was teaching on a Quilting Cruise sponsored by Stitchin’ Heaven.  We docked at a few places in the Caribbean including St. Thomas and St. Maarten. My husband Sean was with me, and whenever we travel we try to get to the oldest section of town if we can because we are both history lovers. In addition, I love old architecture, roads, and sidewalks for their excellent sources of inspiration.  On this trip, I kept looking down.  There were so many interesting brick patterns and parts of the road looked so old!



Monday Night Supper

June 12, 2017

Monday night.  Depending on your profession, these words can have a lovely ring.  Monday is the start of the workweek for most people. For me, as a classroom teacher, Monday was like the bottom of the mountain with all of the other days leading up to the top – that being Friday, of course. After Friday, you can sail down the mountain into Saturday and Sunday with ease.  For my stagehand husband, however, Monday is the middle of the weekend. Most theaters have shows Tuesday through Sunday afternoon. So Monday is the blissful day we get to spend together.  It’s also a bit of a conflicted day. As a pattern designer, for the most part I am not subject to the Monday – Friday schedule. But my daughters are, and that means I get pulled into that world too.  Half of our household starts Monday at the bottom of the mountain, and the other half is on their way down.

That means Monday night dinner is inconsistent in the Walsh house. Sometimes we do it up big, because we are all home for dinner at the exact same time. It’s the equivalent, in our house, to Sunday night supper.  Other days, we just want something simple because we take the chance to do something fun as a family. On those days, especially when the weather is warm, I like to make this Mediterranean Black Bean salad.



Crown Jewels

June 8, 2017


Crown Jewels is one of two new patterns I released in St. Louis at Spring Market.  This is the cover quilt – It’s made with textured solids by Frond Design Studios.

I’ve wanted to make what I call a “cross” quilt for a long time.  The inspiration started several years ago in a Starbucks coffee shop where I happened to buy a KIND granola bar with my latte quite on a whim.  At that time, the wrapper had a strip of color and pattern on both ends. This particular bar had multiple rows of little white crosses on a red background. I actually saved that wrapper for some future quilt inspiration and in the meantime I looked all over for quilts that had a similar pattern.  The design I ended up with is kind of a “hidden” cross quilt. Depending on how the fabrics and colors are arranged, the cross pattern can be immediately distinguishable or not!



Market Recap

May 29, 2017

I can’t believe it was a week ago today that I was standing in my booth at quilt market on the last day! And it was over a week ago that my mom and Sean and I piled into a minivan and drove to St. Louis.  What a great weekend! This past market was the first I had exhibited at in a few years, and I am pleased to say that it was so much fun to be back.  There is something so energizing about being in a convention center that is filled entirely with quilty people.  It’s not only inspiring, but validating as well.




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