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September 27, 2017

Between the start of my art classes this school year, a color class at The Quilter’s Trunk, and a visit to the Itasca Quilt Guild,  I spent almost all of last week talking about and thinking about and dreaming about color.  It was a blissful week!

I always start the art year at school out reviewing the color wheel and basic color theory.  I am trying to get my students to be able to think about colors the way they think about their math facts – I want it to become part of their school vocabulary.  I have yet to find any kids who dislike color.  They all have a lot to say on the subject and seem genuinely happy to learn about it.  Like anything you imprint when you are young, as you mature, you start to see things that you might not have otherwise.  Since I started giving color classes about ten years ago, my perspective on color and the way I view colors in nature, art and quilting have been affected by all I have learned – both in preparing for classes and being inspired by my students.

This year’s classes started at the perfect time to coincide with a color class that I gave at The Quilter’s Trunk a week a go last Saturday.  We have offered this class a couple of times now and I always love teaching it. We spend the morning and early afternoon together reviewing basic color theory, doing mini-color studies and creating new quilt fabric palettes with fabrics from the shop.  It’s pretty much a win-win for everyone.  We get to talk about color and pet fabrics at the same time :). Here’s a few shots from class that day:

Mini- Color Studies: color confidence class, September 2017


Mini-complementary color study, color confidence class, Sept. 2017

Color Chats, color confidence class, Sept. 2017

Color Studies, color confidence class, Sept. 2017

Color Studies, color confidence class, Sept. 2017

Color Studies, color confidence class, Sept. 2017

Thanks to everyone who came to class – I even had one student there for the second time!

Then last Wednesday I visited the Itasca Quilt Guild – such a lovely evening spent with like-minded ladies!  I gave my Color Confidence lecture and showed Blue Underground quilts – some new, some old.  Storage space it at a premium in my house and most of my quilts are put away in between trunk shows…I always like seeing all of these quilts as they are unfolded.  They are like old friends.  And as an extra treat, some of these ladies brought quilts that they had made from our patterns in years past!

As the season changes here in Chicago (even though this past week alone has been hotter than any other this summer it seems)  I am inspired to keep experimenting with color! If you’re interested in scheduling a color class or lecture/trunk show for your shop or guild, send us an email at blueundergroundstudio@yahoo.com or call 773-425-6261!





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