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Trunk Shows/Lectures and Workshops


We are excited to offer trunk shows and workshops that correspond with our patterns. We are currently booking through 2019 so call 773-425-6261 or email blueundergroundstudio@yahoo.com for availability and  pricing today!

All lectures and workshops can be tailored to your guild or shop.

Trunk Show/Lecture Topics:


-Color Confidence I:

A lecture for color lovers!  We’ll spend 40 – 45 minutes talking about color theory, the role of color in our society, color psychology, choosing a color palette, finding inspiration and more! Great for quilters and visual artists.  Corresponding trunk show includes 30 – 40 quilts and a brief commentary on colors/patterns for each.

See below for a description to the corresponding Color Theory for Quilters workshop!

-Color Confidence II:

So you have a handle on basic color theory. What now??  This 40 – 45 minute lecture is about stretching your color sensibilities.  We’ll touch on color history, considerations when planning a color palette, color resources and inspiration and more!  Corresponding trunk show features 30 – 40 quilts and a brief commentary on each.

See below for the Corresponding Color workshop!

-Philosophy of  Quilting:

Why do you quilt? At Blue Underground Studios, we are passionate about the role quilting has in the everyday lives of so many. Quilts are functional art, and we count ourselves lucky to be able to make them. We’ll talk about why we quilt the way we do, fabric choices, color and pattern choices, and piecing and finishing options. A trunk show of 40 – 50 original quilts follows.

-So You Want to Become a Pattern Designer…

Want to get started designing and publishing quilt patterns?  This 40 – 45 minute lecture covers some of the basics for getting you started.  We’ll talk about things like choosing a business name, legal considerations, methods of publishing, ideas for inspirations, intellectual property and copyrights, marketing and more.

A trunk show of 40 – 50 original quilts follows.

Classes and Workshops:


-Color Theory for Quilters:

A five hour, non-sewing color exploration for quilters – perfect as a follow-up to the Color Confidence I lecture but also as a stand-alone class. Each student will receive a class packet that includes materials to do five fabric related color studies. Class topics also include color theory, working intuitively and creating a palette from your stash.

-Advanced Color Theory for Quilters:

We’ll use an improv quilt pattern to explore different aspects of working with color in this five hour class.  Each student will receive a class packet, and will need a sewing machine, fabric for their quilt, a cutting mat and basic sewing supplies.

– “Create your Own” Class:

Your guild or shop can create their own class by selecting three or four Blue Underground Studios patterns (stand alone or out of our books) to focus on during class time.  We’ll provide cutting diagrams, cheat sheets and tips for each pattern. We’ll talk about piecing, pressing and finishing options for each. We’ll also touch on color theory using students’ work generated in class.









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