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Trunk Shows/Lectures and Workshops

We are excited to offer trunk shows and workshops that correspond with our patterns! We are currently booking through 2017 so call 773-425-6261 or email blueundergroundstudio@yahoo.com for availability and  pricing today!

Trunk Show/Lecture Topics

  • 20/25 minute lecture about the Blue Underground Studios “philosophy of quilting” includes discussion of topics such as:
    • Blue Underground Studios history
    • use of color, fabric choices and texture
    • pressing methods
    • finishing options
  • 20/25 minute lecture about how to design and publish patterns includes discussion of topics such as:
    • legal issues (copyright/business structure)
    • methods of publishing
    • ideas for inspiration
    • marketing
  • 30/40 minute lecture about COLOR CONFIDENCE includes topics such as:
    • the role of color in our society
    • color psychology and what colors may mean to you
    • identifying favorite colors
    • choosing a color palette
    • beginning color theory
    • sources of color inspiration and how to use them
      • Trunk Show features 35 – 45 quilts made using Blue Underground Studios patterns in different colorways. All quilts have been machine pieced and quilted. Quilts are passed around after they have been shown. We welcome questions and comments about the quilts and lecture topics during the trunk show.

      note: out of state lectures/trunk shows may show fewer quilts due to travel expenses.

      Travelling Trunk Shows

      All of our quilts are available as one quilt trunk shows at no charge, based on a minimum order. Please call us at 773-425-6261 to schedule a trunk show for your shop.


      We offer 6 hour workshops focusing on piecing/cutting methods and choosing fabrics for our patterns. Any of the Blue Underground Studios patterns can be appropriate workshop material. In addition to piecing methods, we also include brief discussions about batting/thread choices and color theory during the workshops.


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